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There are a few really easy things that you need to do if you want to make a guy horny. While some guys can get horny and turned on just by holding your hand, other guys need a lot more to get horny. Below you will find some of my most powerful strategies from the Bad Girls Bible for turning your man on without acting slutty or weird. It’s amazing how this can creep up on you. Step back and consider when they call and how much the relationship has progressed.

All about sex

There are a whole lot of lines that guys trot out that equal “I’m just in it for the live sex” or that they don’t want a relationship. And a lot of the time, we’ll ignore this because we don’t want to see him or ourselves in this way. When they say that just want to have “fun’ and aren’t looking for a relationship, or they make noises about “going with the flow” and not getting any ideas about a relationship, they’re saying that it’s just about the live sex (or whatever else they’re getting). What it isn’t about is a relationship. Instead of rationalising and hoping that he will change his mind after the event, don’t and move on.

Sexual towards you

Be wary of guys who steer the conversation down the sexual route very quickly. This is Fast-Forwarding, and it’s often ignored and mistaken for a strong attraction and connection. It’s that “He just can’t help himself because he’s so into me” syndrome. Intensity isn’t the same as intimacy. He’s not into you; he’s into the idea of shagging you. Making a lot of sexual innuendos? Steering the conversation onto sex? Staring meaningfully at your breasts and crotch? Yep, it’s highly likely that he’s got one thing on his mind and it’s not getting to know you; it’s getting into your knickers. If you haven’t met him yet, but there’s already sexual talk or even requests for nude photos or sexing, flush.

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