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Lara has been a camgirl for years, and it’s mostly a teenager often unbearable, as are many teenagers who go through a delicate moment in search of their identity anyway. In the game of a live cam, the argument of the physical does not hold. Being a man or a woman does not change anything, you have to be in comfort with your body because you have to expose it nude online. This is a job that we could learn and practiced in guiding mode. Since the appearance of cinema in the 19th century, the gendered and horizontal organization of work has excluded women from technical professions. You work in this free live girls environment because you are a girl and you are sleeping with your dildo.

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The material deemed too heavy for them, and difficult to handle, justifies this setting aside. And, at the same time, affirms “the natural order of things”: to confine the weaker sex to the work of little hands, costumes, make-up or script, notes Camille Gaudy in her thesis “To be a woman on a platter of shooting.” In this eminently male environment, women also tend to be less trusting and more pressured. A phenomenon that is perhaps not unrelated to the fact that they climb more slowly up the hierarchy. By depriving younger generations of female role models, the film industry is helping to keep girls out of the industry.

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